Edward Covered

This just in from Colborne. It was announced to this reporter that early this afternoon a special package was received by Mr.Edward Covered. Edward Press ReleaseIn it was to be found a number of books (50 TO BE EXACT) which record the long awaited chronicle of some of the adventures of Mr. Covered and a young friend. Our photographer was on hand as Mr. Covered opened the package and shared his excitement with those present. Visiting Mr. Covered at this most auspicious time was his friend Charlotte who was the first to enjoy the retelling of the story. Charlotte is pleased to announce that she will be joining Mr. Covered and his friend in the future as the high jinks, fun, magic and adventure continues. Edward Receives a Package




Edward receives his package on the sunporch at 12006 Highway # 2 Colborne, Ontario.



Opening the Package




He opens the package to find his long awaited books.



A run through




A quick run-through shows him that it is exactly as he had hoped it would be.



Sharing with Charlotte




At last, it is ready to share with his best friend Charlotte, and the world!

The book, "Edward Covered", is available for sale for $10.00 by contacting this website, or you can buy it at Amazon.ca