The Artful Garden Gallery is located in the parlour of Thomas House. In a former lifetime the Thomas property was a flourishing four hundred acre farm located just outside of the Village of Colborne. It was known locally as being famous for its breeding of fine horses. The 1972 Northumberland Historical Atlas lists this property on page 57 and the home is believed to have existed as a farm since 1832. We have lost the horses and cows and gained a small gallery of contemporary art created by a few local artists. The main focus on the walls of the gallery is the work of watercolour artist Sharon Ramsay Curtis. In addition we have a fine selection of porcelain pottery, jewelry, china painted bijoux and all occasion cards. Thomas House Collectables showcases vintage glass and found treasures. You will find that our gift items are reasonably priced and, should you wish to make a purchase it will be suitably bagged and be-ribboned. We look forward to welcoming you for a walk in our rustic but charming English style garden. If you make a quick call ahead we would be delighted to serve you complimentary tea or coffee inside our screened in Victorian verandah. Remember, there are no strangers, just friends you have not yet met. Open most WEDNESDAYS 11:00am to 4:00pm If you are coming from a distance take a minute and call ahead. 905-355-3257 At other times open by Chance or Appointment.

The Artful Garden Gallery

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Art on Porcelain by: Custom Greeting Cards Artful Garden Greeting Cards Enjoy a walk in the garden

Thomas House Collectibles

Tea or Coffee

The Artful Garden Gallery and Thomas House Collectibles would be delighted to have you invite a group of your friends to socialize at Thomas house. Read More …

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